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Violation of these terms and conditions will result in the disabling of your account and the stoppage of all future payments. Please read carefully and respects these rules while working with our program.

  • Payouts

  • - Payment Periods
    - Payment Information
    - Payout Methods
  • Advertising

  • - Absolute Disallowances
    - Traffic
    - Promotion
    - Affliate Programs
    - Promotional Materials
    - Free Content
    - Free Hosting
    - Free Submitters
    - Referral Program
    - Accounting
  • Miscellaneous

  • - Legal Statement
    - Testing Periods
    - Changes


    - Payment Periods
    Our payment periods are 1-15 and 16-end of each month. Payment periods close at 00hrs on the 1st and 16th of every month. After the close of a payment periods your earnings are stored in the payment history. We process payments over 4 business days starting on the 6th and 21st of each month. All webmasters receive their payments during these periods. We guarantee that you will be paid within 4 days of the stated period if your earnings have reached the minimal payment amount (see Payout Methods to learn more about minimal payment amounts for each method).
    Payments are made for the period before the last payment period. For example, payments made in the four days following July 6th are from the June 1st-15th period. Payments made in the four days following July 21st are from the June 16th-30th period. Your first payment will go out with three weeks delay.
    If the minimum payment amount is not reached at the end of the pay period the full amount will be carried over to the next pay period, until you reach the minimum amount. The information will show in your payment history. The entire amount we owe you is reflected in the "To Pay" section in your QuickStats.
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    Payment Information
    Your payment information for the current payout is stored and becomes unchangeable on the first day of the new payment period (1st and 16th of each month). All changes made on or after this date will affect your next payment.
    This means that changes made after 15th will affect your payment that will occur in 6-9 of the next month and changes made after the end of month but prior to 15th will affect your payment that will occur at 21-24 of the same month. The same goes for the minimum payment amount. If you change it after the beginning of a the payment period it will effect your next payment only.
    Once payment processing is started all payouts change their "Paid" status in the payment history from NO to PND (pending). After payments have been processed the status is changed to YES. This means that the payment has been sent already and you will receive it as soon as the transfer is finished.
    If you do not provide us with payment information or the information provided is incorrect your payouts will not be processed until the correct information has been given to us. Your earning will be carried over and continue to accumulate until you do so.
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    Payout Methods
    You may choose between the payout methods listed below:
    - Wire Transfer. A money transfer to your bank account. Delivery fee: EUR 65. This fee will be subtracted from your payout amount according to the EUR/USD rate at the moment of transfer sending. Your intermediary bank or local bank may apply additional commission that is out of our control. If you get additional commissions to your transfers please ask your bank about them. Minimal amount to pay: $200 (including delivery fee).
    Please be aware that we do not send wire transfers if you bank information contains words like "for ID smth" or likewise. We also will not send wire transfers if you use a bank account with a foreign business name like any financial services.
    Please choose another payout method in this case.
    - Paxum. An electronic transfer using service. Delivery is free. Minimal amount to pay: $100. There is no under any circumstances any resending or returning of any payments which were already sent to the Paxum account provided by an affiliate and approved by the first day of the new payment period. It is a full affiliate's responsibility to provide us with an actual information and keep it up to date.
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    - Absolute Disallowances
    We absolutely do not tolerate the following:
    - Fraudulent activity
    - Spam
    - Child porn
    - Rape
    - Bestiality
    - Copyright violation
    - Any other illegal activity
    Once you are caught doing any of these things in any way related to our program your account will be immediately banned, information about your illegal activity will be shared with our friendly sponsors and related organizations for black list purposes. Legal actions will also be taken against you by the proper authorities. No apologies. No excuses. Period.
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    - Traffic
    You are allowed to send traffic any way you'd like. Banners, blind clicks, consoles, etc are all allowed. We do not apply any minimum or maximum traffic limitations. You may send us as much traffic as you feel is suitable.
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    - Promotion
    We allow you to advertise our sites on any type of traffic resource. Please pay attention to the limitations described below:
    - We do not allow advertising our sites on pages in any language except English.
    - We do not allow to promise users more or different content than stated on the given site.
    - We do not allow usage of our sites in any manner as a necessary condition for obtaining access to another web resource (example: Sign up for this website and we'll give you access to our collection of hot WAREZ!)
    - You cannot deceive users by telling them that signing up for our sites will give them something aside from what is clearly stated on the tour. This includes but is not limited to: access to other sites, any goods or services, information, etc.
    - You are not allowed to violate and third party site rules in relation to the promotion of our sites.
    - You must send users to our site's main page.
    Violation of the rules stated above results in your account being banned from our program.
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    - Affiliate Programs
    There are several types of affiliate programs available to you under our affiliate program terms and conditions. Please follow our special rules and limitations for each program in addition to those listed above if you are going to keep your account live and working. You are allowed to work with different programs on the same account at the same time, providing you follow terms of every program in relation to it's promotion. Particular program limitations are listed below.
    Persignup program applies following limitations:
    You get up to $35 per credit card signup referred by using your persignup program links except the following:
    - We do not pay for sales occured from those customers who purchased trials only according to our last 6 months stats.
    - If there are repeat sales occured from the same customer in a 30 days period only first one will be a subject to affiliate payout.
    - We do not pay for sales occured from those customers who have taken refunds or chargebacks at least once on our sites, even if our processing passes this sale on.
    - Affiliates, members of affiliates family, friends, relatives are restricted from signing up to our sites under our affiliate program conditions.
    - You are not authorized to advertise our sites in any way which encourages surfer to cancel before a trial membership converts to a regular one.
    - We reserve the right to move any account from persignup to revshare program at any time without any notifications and explanations. In this case all previous persignup earnings will be paid to affiliate unless there was a terms violation.
    Revshare program applies following limitaions:
    - Affiliates, members of affiliates family, friends, relatives are restricted from signing up to our sites under our affiliate program conditions.
    Phone access program applies following limitaions:
    - You should never promote our phone access as if it offers free access in any manner.
    Violation of the rule stated above results in your account being banned from our phone access program.
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    - Promotional Materials
    We provide you with various promotional materials. However, you are allowed to modify them or make your own promotional materials if you desire. All materials you create or modify should comply with our promotional terms. You may ask us for photos or other content to make your own materials. All content give to you for promotional materials must be used in this way and this way only.
    You must use our existing and/or your own self-made promotional materials to promote only the sites they were intended for.
    Infringement of our promotional materials' usage rights will result in the banning of your account.
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    - Free Content
    All of our free content is subject to copyright protection laws. You are not allowed to use our free in any way other than for the promotion of our sites. You are not to use our free content in any way that violates our third party rules related to publishing this content.
    You are not allowed to modify our free content, remove any logos or change the model's appearance in photos.
    You are allowed to use our free content for design purposes provided this design is used for promoting our sites.
    Infringement of our free content rules will result in the banning of your account from our program.
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    - Free Hosting
    We offer free hosting to our webmasters. This hosting is bannerless and we do not siphon off any of your traffic. However, you may only use the hosting for promoting our sites. Scripts and MySQL databases can be used with our host. You may use your own domains or third level domains. If your earnings with us are at least twice as high as bandwidth costs you are given permission to promote additional sponsors with the free hosting - not only our sites.
    If your sites are ineffective and the bandwidth costs are higher than the profits generated we reserve the right to terminate your hosting account.
    If you're caught promoting sites outside of our program without permission your hosting account will be terminated.
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    - Free Submitters
    We offer professional submitters that can be used by any of our affiliates. We pay for the services you use so we require that you use them to promote our sites only.
    You are allowed to make an unlimited number of submissions - within the limits of common sense.
    It is your job to take care of maintaining the submission database unless this service is included in your submitter account. If your submissions do not generate enough traffic to our sites we reserve the right to stop your submitter service at any time without prior notification.
    You may create your own accounts or pay for foreign submissions but you cannot use our service to make foreign submissions. If you are caught promoting other sponsors' sites using our submitter accounts we will terminate your submitter permissions immediately.
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    - Referral Program
    You are not allowed to sign up as a self referral. Webmasters caught self referring will be banned from our program.
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    - Accounting
    We allow only one account per webmaster/company. Your account always has one of the following statuses:
    - Active. This means that you are working fine and no problems have ever come up with your account. There are no special indicators for this status. If you able to login and view your stats and access your account or payment info that means your account is active. Payouts are processed for active accounts only. Most of our webmasters keep their accounts active for years and we wish the same for you.
    - Suspended. This means that your account is under suspicion of violating our terms. You are still able to login and view your stats but your account and payment info is unavailable to view or modify. No payments are processed for suspended accounts until the situation has been cleared. After the clearance your account goes to active or banned status.
    - Banned. You are not able to login. Instead of the webmaster area you get a warning informing you that your account has been banned. All your information is moved to our blacklist and in cases of severe violations is shared with other sponsors and related organizations. In cases of illegal activity your information will also be passed to the proper authorities so legal action may be taken against you. All your unpaid earnings will be lost. If you feel that your account has been banned by mistake you can contact our legal department and try to clear up the situation.
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    Legal Statement
    By signing up for our program you automatically state that you have read and understood all terms and conditions and agree with them. You state that the present terms including all possible changes are the only document that regulates your relations with our program. Any other agreements, either oral or written not reflected in these terms do not apply to our program.
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    Testing Periods
    We reserve the right to take up to 2 months (two months) of testing period for any new features and options we include in our program. This includes but not limited to: new pricing options, new payment options, new promotional materials, etc.
    During the testing period no commission will be paid for the testing options sales and affiliates will not see testing options in their stats. After the end of testing period the new option will either be removed from the program or enabled at it's full functionality including commission and stats displaying.
    We guarantee that testing options volume will not exceed 0.5% of the average sales volume during the testing period.
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    - Changes
    We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions without any prior notice.
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